developed a new method to reward their faithful users of the site, now you can earn money at the expense of sharing files .

All you have to do is upload the file to any file sharing that is on our website, get a link to download your file and gain Points.

How can I join and start making money?

    The first step - you must have an account on, if you are reading this then you are already a member.

    The second step - Upload files to your favorite sharing services ,using service using one of the available options (Browse/Remote Upload), and get a link to download the file.

    The third step- Send a link to download your file , your friends or on any website and start collecting Points.

What is the Points and what can I do with them?

Each time a visitor downloads your file, you get points.
In general, you get 1 point for every download, then you can convert your points into Cash.
Note: You get 1 point for downloading files from one mirror, that means you will not get extra points if a visitor trying to download the same file from any other mirror.

How much will I be paid?

Now we pay a dollar ($ 1) for every 1000 points.

When will I get paid?

Once you get the unpaid 10000 points, you can easily request your payment to your control panel using the Request Payment Page.

What payment methods are available now?

Now we have 2 payment, Paypal and WebMoney, I hope, we will add more payment methods.

How many days it takes to get the money?

Once you have applied for money resources through Paypal or WebMoney, we have 3 business days for us to consider your application and translate your points into money.

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism, you can contact us at any time via e-mail: